My Super Sleuth Redux

Just spoke to someone (I know her name but I won’t thank her by getting her in trouble) at the Parole Board in Carson City.  She told me the date she has listed for when the board sent their decision on paper to the prison.  Needless to say, it is WAY after the date by which they are required to have notified Tracy.  Additionally, it is NOT the date he was actually given the paperwork.  In fact, it is a full 15 days BEFORE he was given the paperwork.

This is not a surprise, since the caseworker is notoriously slack.  Anyway, I am pleased that we have a few more days under which we can file an appeal.  And we will also file the Writ of Mandamus.  And any other lawsuit we can.  I am sick of this bullshit.

Next call today:  NDOC to speak with the person in charge of medical stuff at High Desert State Prison.  I have spoken with her previously, and it only took TWO WEEKS for Tracy to get some medical attention, as opposed to TWO MONTHS.  He has sent numerous medical kites, to no avail.  So, I’ll be spending some quality time on the phone again today with the NDOC.

And I will be documenting it ALL.  Stay tuned…

My Super Sleuth Redux

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